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Roger W Haworth

I live in Croydon, UK.

The principal parts of my scattered web presence are:

Main site:
Main site sections: Telephones P of St Peter Coal Tax Posts
    Holiday snaps Miscellaneous
Personal wikis: EditThis Wikia (for the time being)
Photo albums: fotopic multiply Photobox *
Pseudo blogs: Telephones PoSP (lists) Coal Tax Posts
Social networking:   MySpace Facebook
Site map and furl: FreeFind Furl
Contributor to: geograph   Wikipedia  
Domain names:
Check: status of all RWH sites **

* via NTL: User Id: 1746467, Password: 6745

** and if the status check is not working: server monitor and disk space info for the site where my status check resides. and are both hosted on Box 16.


You can contact me by e-mail to: ET at RHaworth dot net

You could also leave a message on my Wikipedia user talk page.

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