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Edward Weedon

Chairman of the Players. He prints our scripts, runs the Mailing List and is our Stage Manager.
Seen here in 2001 giving his usual valediction to the audience at the end of the show.


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The 2006 production in York was done in the proper fashion: on carts. By an interesting coincidence, two complementary sets of pictures have been posted on fotopic:

I particularly liked:

  • The Creation - 15th century technology can still draw oohs and aahs from a 21st century audience
  • The expulsion from Paradise - go figure the theology of a female God eating the Apple of Knowing of Good and Evil
  • Christ's entry into Jerusalem - put on by a local parish - anybody who wanted a part got one! The scenery unashamedly depicted York.

-- RHaworth (admin) 16:24, 22 October 2006 (EDT)

Missed opportunities

I watched Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ and felt he had missed some great cinematic opportuities.

Herod's court

Christ is taken before Herod who is shown sitting among his decadent sybaritic court. I was waiting eagerly for him to launch into Herod's song including such unforgetable couplets as:

  • Prove to me that you're divine // Change my water into wine
  • Prove to me that you're no fool // Walk across my swimming pool.


The dialogue is in Aramaic for the locals with the Romans speaking Latin among themselves, ie. totally lost on just about every modern audience. How much better it would have been to use one of the wonderful mystery play Passion texts. I thought of this particularly when Pilate was washing his hands and could have given his speech in the Chester play which I can still remember from twenty years ago (the original - Line 235):

Now, since I see you so fervent
and set that his life should be rent,
wash will I here, all you present
rage however you would.
Ye shall all see verament
that I am clean and innocent
and for to shed in no intent
this righteous mannes blood.

Bright side

And finally, how can you possibly have a crucifixion scene without a chorus of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life?

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