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Frankie Cunningham, the Alternative Major of Kendal (1945-1991) was an eccentric who lived in Kendal, Cumbria. He was often seen locally in an inebriated state, but despite his alcholism he became well loved amongst the Kendallian populus due to his Altruistic acts and Colourful Behaviour.He was embraced locally to the the degree that a Book was published celebrating his life. "Frankie the Alternative Major" documents some of his legendary activities, which include casually robbing a Barclays Bank van of 10,000 pounds and also his generous donations of sweets and money to local children.

Frankie folklore

Frankie once purportedly stole 10,000 pounds from Barclays Bank in Kendal and nearly got away with it. Frankie was outside Barclays bank in Kendal and after watching the Securicor van unloading he observed that guard unloading would knock on the van door as a signal for his colleague to open the door and pass the money out. After seeing this Frankie knocked on the van 3 times, was passed the money and then walked off. Frankie was found later in the bus station with a 2/3rds drunk bottle of cider and £9,998.

When the Queen came to visit Kendal the local Police allegedly bribed him to take a holiday in the nearby seaside town of Morecambe with a modest budget for Alcohol.

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