Cheque writing

From Rhaworth

To do cheque writing "properly" in the Poppytime Financial System:

  • In Purchase Ledger / Accounts Maintenance set the "Days credit" field to an appropriate value for each supplier
  • In Purchase Ledger / Cheque Writing run the Payments due list creating a new batch. Check the list
  • If any adjustments are needed, go to Purchase Ledger / Cheque Writing / Override payments. Here you can:
    • Change the due date. You can set the date to "F" (for forward) to defer payment indefinitely
    • Change the amount to pay
  • If you have used Override payments, re-run the Payments due list using the existing batch number
  • Print cheques and remittance advices


The due date on a transaction is set at the time of posting the batch. Changing the Days credit field in the supplier record does not affect existing transactions.

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