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Members of the Players of St Peter (unofficial menu) with web presences - other than on the Player's websites.

Janet Cowen

Janet ought to have a page on the Kings College website but all I can find so far is this at the University of Pennsylvania.

Peter Evans

Peter created the Poets Anonymous site himself but MRM created the Beardyman blog for Peter.

Roger Haworth

Roger has sprawled over numerous cheap and free web sites.

Carolle Jamieson

Carolle owns the domain name jamiesontowers.co.uk but has not put anything up there!

Dinah Jurksaitis

Dinah says that when she was a teacher, she would introduce herself as "I am Mrs You Excite Us". The name stuck and, she claims, the kids did not invent rude nicknames for her. She created dinahs.co.uk so that even if her pupils were off sick, they could still find out what their homework was. The site also sells a cottage in France available to rent at very reasonable rates.

Silvia Miotti

The entire corpus of Silvia'a contribution to the web seems to be on this page.

Andrew Pink

Andrew's page at UCL. He contributes to Wikipedia including extensive editing of St Clement Eastcheap.

Felix Pring


Simon Reynolds

Simon runs the official website of course. He has sneaked into some photos of his daughter's wedding! He has simrey.com as a domain name but he ain't exactly made it into a website.

Maggie Robson


Peter Skinner

Learning ecology

Olive Stubbs

Olive has plenty of mentions on the UEL website but don't appear to have created a page for herself.

Mike Waring

Lurking in a wiki for the Construction Industry Information Group, we find two pages about mystery plays: introduction and an image gallery.

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